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where else can you find so many simple things that families can do at home to help their ASD child? 

With MindBuilders?
Autism Seen Differently ASD approach, an autism diagnosis isn?t the end of the world, because
Autism can be a very hopeful condition and children with an autism diagnosis can often make good progress, provided family-centred holistic support at home comes early enough, is well enough informed and actively involves parents as partners in our therapeutic efforts.

In order for school to be able to help and teach, a child needs sufficient ?home-grown? capacities.
with autism it?s never just the child who is affected but the whole family
a child?s most important relationship is with his parents
parents are key as they know their child better than all the professionals combined
parents need support at home in order to effectively help their child
Remember, nobody knows the ceiling of
any child?s developmental potential!
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